LUXITE® Carbide-Tipped Circular Saw Blades

For the serious woodworker, craftsman or contractor

Superior Carbide-tipped Circular saw blades for woodworking

Experienced craftsman, carpenters and contractors understand the quality of your woodworking is directly linked to the types of saw blades you’re using. Manufactured by York Saw & Knife, one of the oldest and most respected names in the industry, LUXITE carbide-tipped saw blades improve results while lasting far longer than the competition. These American-made circular saw blades come available as crosscut saw blades, rip saw blades or combination blades for exceptional cutting performance in woodworking applications.

Why Use Luxite Saw Blades?

luxite carbide tipped circular saw blade

Crosscut Saw Blades

When you have applications that call for cutting across the grain of the wood, a crosscut saw blade is the perfect solution. We offer carbide-tipped blades featuring a high tooth count and beveled tooth design with variable tooth pitch and gullet depth designed explicitly for crosscutting.You benefit from a high-performance blade capable making cuts that leave a mirror-smooth, sleek finish along edges for custom woodworking and finishing work.

Rip Saw Blades

Opposed to crosscut blades that cut across the grain of the wood, rip saw blades are engineered for smooth and efficient cutting parallel with the grain of the wood. Rip saw blades feature a low tooth count and deeper gullet depth for safe and efficient ripping and an accelerated feed rate. These specially designed circular saw blades for craftsmen and woodworkers have a tooth configuration for ripping hardwood and challenging materials such as particle board and other non-laminated composites without tearing or splintering.

Combination Saw Blades

When you’re looking for general purpose circular saw blades for wood cutting, LUXITE combination saw blades provide the versatility to switch between crosscutting and ripping. Combination saw blades feature the high tooth count needed for precision crosscutting as well as the deep gullets required for ripping. The saws are a great solution when you have projects that call for both types of cutting applications, saving you time and money as you don’t have to stop in the middle of a job or purchase two different blades. The four plus one grind designed carbide-tipped saw blade provides fray-free rips and crosscuts working with hardwoods, softwoods and veneers.

Quality Band Saw Tires

In addition to our American-made circular saw blades, LUXITE carries a broad range of products to keep your band saw operation at peak productivity. Our stretch-on rubber tires are electronically balanced to deliver superior performance and extended use. Options are available for all different makes and models of band saws. We also carry American-made urethane band saw tires and quality band saw tire glue recommended as a general adhesive for tire installation.

Luxite Saw-Manufacturer of Made in the U.S.A. Circular Saw Blades

LUXITE carbide-tipped circular saw blades provide the most impressive performance and blade longevity of any product on the market. These American-made circular saw blades are great for woodworking, helping to avoid kerf tearout and deliver consistently precise cuts. Whether you need a blade for crosscutting, ripping, or both, nothing compares to LUXITE circular saw blades.

Contact us to learn more about our carbide-tipped blades for crosscutting and rip cutting as well as our complete line of band saw tires. Our experienced team will be happy to answer all your questions and provide assistance choosing the top-quality circular saw blades that fit your unique requirements. All LUXITE® saw blades are manufactured with pride in York, PA.