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Superior Carbide-tipped Circular saw blades

Experienced craftsman, carpenters, and contractors understand the quality of their woodworking is directly linked to the types of saw blades they’re using. Manufactured by York Saw & Knife, one of the oldest and most respected names in the industry, LUXITE carbide-tipped saw blades improve results while lasting far longer than the competition. These American-made circular saw blades for miter saws and table saws come available as crosscut saw blades, rip saw blades or combination blades for exceptional cutting performance in woodworking and other applications.

Every LUXITE® saw blade is manufactured with pride in our York, PA facility. Our long-lasting  circular saw blades are suitable for cutting wood, plastics, laminates, veneer, Teflon™ and other non-stick coated surfaces, plasterboard and polypropylene.

Why Use Luxite Circular Saw Blades?

luxite carbide tipped circular saw blade

The Best Table Saw and Miter Saw Blades For Sale on the Market

Luxite Saw specializes in high-quality made in the USA circular saw blades for Miter and Table Saws. Our  carbide tip circular saw blades are used for wood and other materials to reduce kerf tearout and deliver clean and precise cuts. They are designed for longevity and to stand the test of time, unlike most throwaway blades on the market today.

luxite carbide tipped crosscut saw blade for circular or miter saw

Luxite Crosscut Saw Blades

Luxite Rip Saw Blades

luxite carbide tip rip saw table saw blade
luxite carbide tip combination circular saw blade

Luxite Combination Saw Blades

The American-Made Difference

LUXITE carbide-tipped circular saw blades provide the most impressive performance and blade longevity of any product on the market. These American-made circular saw blades are great for woodworking, helping to avoid kerf tearout and deliver consistently precise cuts. Whether you need a blade for crosscutting, ripping, or both, nothing compares to LUXITE circular saw blades.



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