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10in. 60T & 12in. 80T Carbide Tip Crosscut Saw Blades

Luxite Saw

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LUXITE® Series 15 Carbide Tipped VPD Crosscut Saw Blades for Miter Box Saws and Table Saws

Crosscut saw blades are available in 10" and 12" sizes and are designed to cut across the wood grain and leave a mirror smooth, sleek finish.

The LUXITE Series 15 VPD Crosscut Saw Blades offers the best performance and blade longevity of any crosscut saw blade on the market. This carbide tipped miter saw blade is optimal for any chop box or table saw used by a woodworker who requires precise and clean cuts.

Featuring our beveled tooth design -- or ATB Grind -- as well as variable tooth pitch and gullet depth, the Series 15 VDP saw blade delivers the best in dimensional control, material removal, and cutting speed.

Note: all measurements listed are in inches unless otherwise noted. 

SKU  15-10603VPD
Diameter 10" 12"
AH 5/8" 1"
Plate .075" .09"
Teeth 60 80
Kerf .100" .125"
Top Angle

10" and 12" Crosscut Blades for Woodworking and Finishing Work

When you’re serious about getting the job done right, you need high-quality tools that are purpose-built for the task at hand. LUXITE carbide-tipped crosscut saw blades for miter box saws are specifically designed for applications that call for cutting across the grain of the wood. Our crosscut blades feature a high tooth count — 60 to 80 — to deliver clean cuts and sharp edges. These circular saw blades feature the optimal gullet depth and an alternating tooth bevel for precise cutting with a high feed rate without overfeed issues.

Whether you’re a carpenter, woodworker, contractor or skilled craftsmen, a crosscut blade is often an on-the-job necessity. Our 10-inch and 12-inch crosscut saw blades can be used in a wide variety of woodworking applications from cutting boards and moldings to custom fabricating wooden furniture. The exceptionally smooth cutting characteristics of our quality crosscut circular saw also make it an exceptional choice for a broad range of finishing work.

Carbide-Tipped Crosscut Saw Blades for Miter Saws and Table Saws

There are many advantages to investing in quality crosscutting circular saw blades from LUXITE. Manufactured in the U.S.A. by York Saw & Knife, these miter box crosscut blades outperform and outlast the competition. Our carbide tip miter saw blades will cut through wood without causing kerf tearout at the end of the cut for improved results and efficiency.

LUXITE carbide saw blades are exceptionally strong and offer minimal blade vibration and noise levels to eliminate distractions and fatigue. The high tooth count, shallow gullet and variable depth tooth configuration serve to lower costs by reducing material loss. If you’re serious about your craft, there’s no substitute for a LUXITE saw blade.

Quality Crosscutting Circular Saw Blades for Table Saws and Miter Saws

There’s peace of mind purchasing an American-made saw blade from one of the oldest and most trusted manufacturers in the industry. Whether you require a 10-inch crosscut saw blade or a 12-inch crosscut saw blade, you’ll benefit from precision cuts and consistent performance over extended use. Our blades work with most major brands of table saws that require a 10- or 12-inch blade.

Treat yourself to the best crosscut blades for woodworking on the market. We offer friendly and knowledgeable customer service and low-cost shipping rates with express delivery options available to the U.S. and foreign countries.

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