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10in. 30T & 12in. 40T Carbide Tip Rip Saw Blades

Luxite Saw

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LUXITE® Series 35 Carbide Tipped VPD Rip Saw Blades

Rip saw blades are designed to cut quickly along (or parallel with) the wood grain without tearing or splintering -- including hard-to-cut materials such as particle board. They come in 10" and 12" diameters and are designed for precision rip cuts with a table saw.

The LUXITE Series 35 VPD Carbide Tip Rip Saw Blades for table saws feature fewer teeth for high performance ripping along the grain for hard, soft and exotic woods. This blade is ideal for cutting particle board and other non-laminated composites. VPD Rip Saw blades are ideal for getting a good clean cut while ripping wood. 

Note: all measurements listed are in inches unless otherwise noted.

SKU  35-10303VPD 
Diameter 10" 12"
AH 5/8" 1"
Plate .075" .090"
Teeth 30 40
Kerf .105" .125"
Top Angle

10" and 12" Ripsaw Blades for Woodworking and Finishing Work

For jobs that call for ripping hardwood boards and other challenging materials, you need a saw blade capable of standing up to the daily grind. LUXITE circular rip saw blades have a low tooth count of 30 to 40 teeth depending on the size of the model for smooth cutting along the grain of the wood. The extra gullet depth, staggered tooth layout and extreme hook angle allow for aggressive cutting with excellent chip removal.
Our 10-inch and 12-inch rip saw blades produce extremely flat cuts and a high feed rate without overfeed problems. These carbide-tipped rip saw blades offer impressive strength and performance and extended use compared to the competition. Our rip blades for woodworking cut without tearing or splintering, leaving a smooth surface that’s easier for finishing work.
Importance of Having a Quality Table Rip Saw Blade
Serious craftsmen, carpenters and contractors know the quality of your tools has a significant impact on performance. American-made LUXITE carbide-tipped table saw blades offer impressive dimensional control and minimal blade vibration and noise to help you work faster, safer and more efficiently. You benefit from more precise cuts with less material loss for lower operating expenses.
Our rip saw blades for woodworking stand strong in applications that cause other blades to wear down and fail. Not having to change or replace saw blades equates to less downtime and maximum productivity. With a LUXITE carbide-tipped rip saw blade, you have the confidence to make every cut in woodworking and finishing.
Circular Rip Saw Blade Options for Table Saws
LUXITE rip saw blades are made in the U.S. by York Saw & Knife, one of the oldest active industrial saw blade manufacturers in the nation. We offer a 10-inch rip saw blade as well as a 12-inch model depending on your project and applications. Our blades are compatible with most major brands of saws that require 10- or 12-inch blades including DeWalt, Irwin, Milwaukee, Makita, Ryobi, Craftsman and Skil. Contact us to speak with a knowledgeable representative if you’re not sure which size blade you require and to confirm it will work with your table saw.
Order Your LUXITE Carbide-Tipped Rip Saw Blades for Table Saws Today
Experience the difference of woodworking with a top-quality circular saw blade made in the U.S.A. by skilled craftsmen. Give us a call or contact us by submitting an online request form for additional details and assistance placing your order.