About Carbide Saw Blade Tips

Carbide is graded for hardness and strength (TRS). Most carbide-tipped saw blades use C3- or C4-grade carbide. 

  • C3 Carbide - hardness of 91.4-93.6; T.R.S. range of 270,000-350,000
  • C4 Carbide - hardness range of 89.6-93; T.R.S. range of 260,000-450,000

LUXITE® circular saw blades are manufactured with carbide teeth made to our specifications for ultimate blade longevity and the cleanest cut available for each cutting application.  All tips are specially formulated based on field research.

The choice of carbide is important in choosing a saw blade because the size and material used affects the number of times the blade can be resharpened, as well as how well the blade holds its edge.

Manufacturing Process

LUXITE is the only US saw blade manufacturer to make its entire product start to finish. This means our saw blades are designed, engineered and manufactured in our state-of-the-art facility. Our manufacturing includes laser and water-jet cutting, heat treating, custom automated grinding, and Comp-U-Level flattening. Saw bodies are laser cut, heat treated, machine flattened, tipped and sharpened in our York, PA facility.

Teeth are brazed to the saw plate and sharpened using precision machine automation.  The same vari-pitch, vari-depth-tooth design used on your LUXITE saw blade is used on our industrial saw blades as well. We took designs used in the commercial lumber industry and combined them with extensive research in the high end wood working industry to produce the LUXITE VPD designs. The LUXITE VPD designs bring the highest grade commercial cut to the professional woodworker. 

Because of our total control of the manufacturing process, LUXITE VPD saw blades deliver superior performance and eliminate the harmonic effect often experienced with standard saw blades, including vibration and noise that cause uneven cutting effects, and most importantly, premature wear of the cutting tip.

All LUXITE VPD circular saw blades are manufactured in our York, PA facility using specifically formulated tool steel to bring the industry's highest-quality saw blade to the market.