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10in. 50T & 12in. 60T Carbide Tip Combination Saw Blades

Luxite Saw

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Carbide Tipped combination saw blades are available in 10" and 12" sizes. They work with table and miter saws. Also called general purpose saw blades, are designed to both cross cut and rip material. This is the saw blade of choice if you can buy only one blade.

The Series 25 VPD saw blade offers excellent dimensional control, decreased vibration, and fray-free rips and cross cuts on hardwoods, softwoods, and veneers. This dual-purpose saw blade features our 4 + 1 grind design: four ATB teeth; one flat tooth.

Note: all measurements listed are in inches unless otherwise noted.

SKU  25-10505VPD
Diameter 10" 12"
AH 5/8" 1"
Plate .075" .090"
Teeth 50 60
Kerf .105" .125"
Grind 4+1 4+1
Top Angle

10" and 12" Combination Saw Blades for Woodworking

LUXITE carbide-tipped combination saw blades offer the right attributes for tackling both ripping and crosscutting. An exceptional solution for projects where you’re frequently switching between woodworking applications, combination saw blades help eliminate downtime and operating expenses while maximizing productivity. You benefit from the flexibility of a lightweight and maneuverable circular saw and save time and money because you’re not having to switch between or purchase multiple blades.

We carry 10-inch and 12-inch combination saw blades to meet your woodworking and finishing work requirements efficiently. Whether you’re looking to replace an older blade or upgrade your cutting capabilities, our general-purpose blades fit most saws that require 10- or 12-inch blades from major manufacturers such as DeWalt, Irwin, Milwaukee, Makita, Ryobi, Craftsman and Skil.

LUXITE Table Saw Carbide-Tipped Combination Saw Blades

Experienced craftsmen understand the impact your choice of blades has on the quality of your work. While many combination saw blades can’t compare to the smooth and precise cuts of a rip or crosscut saw, an American-made LUXITE combination blade delivers exceptionally clean cuts and a high feed rate. LUXITE saws feature an exclusive variable-pitch, variable-depth tooth design (VPD) that minimizes blade vibration and reduces operating noise.

Our 12-inch and 10-inch combination saw blades are manufactured in the U.S.A. by York Saw & Knife in a modern 65,000-square-foot York, PA facility. You benefit from exceptional strength and durability in the most demanding applications with less material loss for lower operating costs. LUXITE saws outlast and outperform the competition, delivering exceptional value for your investment.

Ordering Combination Saw Blades for Table Saws from LUXITE 

As a division of York Saw & Knife Co, Inc., one of the oldest continually operating industrial saw blade manufacturers in the United States, we’re the go-to source for superior carbide-tipped circular saws. We offer affordable flat-rate shipping with expedited options for customers located in the U.S. and internationally. Additional reasons to choose LUXITE combination saw blades include:

  • Competitive prices on the best carbide-tipped blades on the market
  • Customer service from friendly and knowledgeable representatives
  • Unmatched product knowledge and technical support
  • Limited money-back guarantee against manufacturing defects
  • Live assistance choosing the right blades for your project

Give us a call or contact us online to request additional information on LUXITE combination saw blades for woodworking and finishing work. Our dedicated team will be happy to answer all your questions about our products or services.